A Gospel-centered Community

  • Series: Total Church Conference
  • by: Steve Timmis 08/17/08
  • Series: Total Church Conference

The gospel is that which creates, sustains, nurtures and perfects the church. To achieve this, the gospel needs to be at the center of all we are and do as the people of God. The gospel needs to be taken out of our pulpits and meetings and applied into the mundane and routine of our corporate and personal lives.


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Mission: More then a Slogan //Ben Porter

Mission: More than a SloganGod, His Mission and the role of the Church RSVP Event pageThis conference is intended to help planters, pastors, and leaders better navigate through the minefield of competing missional ideas while remaining faithful to the rich story-line of the bible.  Over ... more...

posted 02/07/11

GCM Collective Conference 2010//

The GCM Collective will be hosting their first GCM Conference in Austin, TX this October, bringing together church planters, pastors, and leaders to collaborate on the practice of missional communities. This three-day conference will feature main and breakout sessions under the ... more...

posted 08/10/10

Total Church 2.0 Conference: I Will Build My Church//Drew Goodmanson

When: November 17-19, 2009Where: Escondido, CACost: $149 (Lunches included)Contact: This is our second Total Church Conference and will take much of what we discussed last year and move forward what it looks like to live in Jesus community on Jesus mission motived by the Gospel of Jesus ... more...

posted 09/28/09

Acts 29 Church Planting Bootcamp//Drew Goodmanson

Acts 29 will host a Boot Camp beginning May 5th of 2009. Are you considering planting a church? Are you ready? The Acts 29 Boot Camp can help make the difference between success and casualty. The San Diego Boot Camp will be hosted by Kaleo Church in in San Diego, CA. Speakers for this event will ... more...

posted 11/20/08

A Church Planters Conference Experience//Drew Goodmanson

"Earlier this year I attend a conference hosted by Kaleo called, "Living at the Crossroads: Church & Mission Kairos." The content and speakers of the conference were great. However, it was the format of the conference that set it apart for all others. In most conferences you merely attend. ... more...

posted 05/31/08