Gospel, Story, Worldview, and the Church's Mission

  • Series: Church Planting
  • by: Michael Goheen 03/31/07
  • Series: Church Planting

Starting with the Gospel of the Kingdom

1. The good news

2. Five highlights:

  • Power of God unto salvation
  • Restorative nature
  • Comprehensive scope
  • Climax of a story
  • Church essential

Participating in the Biblical Story

1. Human life is shaped by some story 

2. Bible tells one story

3. Often Christians do not see Bible as one story

4. Claims to be normative and comprehensive

5. Missionary encounter with cultural story

Comprehensive Scope of the Gospel Narrowed

1. Comprehensive scope of gospel and church’s mission in early church

  • Confession: ‘Jesus is Lord’
  • Self-designation: ‘Ecclesia’

2. Gospel privatised at the Enlightenment

Rise of the Term Worldview

1. Historical rise of term

2. Means to recover the comprehensive scope of the gospel

3. Tool to mediate gospel to church’s mission in public


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